Our Practice

Technical expertise is the foundation for effectively representing technology clients in IP matters.  Useful Arts’ experienced professionals have acquired both broad and deep technical expertise over many years of experience in industry (Cirrus, LSI, Siemens, Sony, Philips, Hansen Medical) and in legal practice. Our expertise, particularly in electronics, software, semiconductors and medical technologies, enables us to provide high-value, cost-effective services, including:

Patent Creation


Useful Arts Intellectual Property Law Patent CreationScope, Efficiency, Communication

To ensure a strong, valid and enforceable patent, the scope of the patent claims must be carefully tailored, using both perceptive analysis and imagination. The result is a patent application that is more likely to advance smoothly and efficiently. Keeping inventors informed of developments and periodically reviewing with the company’s patent liaison patent applications in progress can promote quality patents and a feeling of team success.

IP Portfolio Building


Useful Arts IP Portfolio BuildingMapping, Brainstorming, Incentivizing

Patent and patent application mapping and brainstorming can stimulate related invention. Incentives may be offered to stimulate invention in a desired area. Patent clusters can result that occupy more of the field and result in synergistic value creation.

Litigation Avoidance

Useful Arts IP Patent Law Litigation AvoidanceTraining, Invalidation, Design-around

Fostering a culture of cognizance with respect to potential third-party rights can avoid costly mistakes. Still, potentially troublesome patents are apt to surface on occasion. Skillful research may succeed in invalidating the patent; alternatively, it may be possible to avoid the patent by designing around.


Useful Arts Intellectual Property MonetizationIdentification, Assertion, Licensing

The adoption of patented technology can be rapid or gradual. Periodic portfo- lio review can help identify patents that have high licensing potential. Value can be unlocked by approaching and negotiating with potential licensees, including potential infringers.

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